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Srikalahasti is a small town which is 37km away from Tirupati. Lord Shiva as Vayu Lingeshwara is worshipped by the devotees. The Swarnamukhi River will flow in this place and it is important ancient Shiva temples of southern India.  You can reach this place within an hour from the Tirupati. This place is also near to the Tirupati International Airport. The God Shiva is famous and powerful in this temple as more number of devotional functions is held in this place.

The only Shiva temple in India with unique formulas is Srikalahasti temple. This temple is located in the center of the city that you need not worry about the accommodation and food requirements. A lot of hotel bookings are available in this place and you can relax and visit the temple from here. The Srikalahasti temple is known for the famous Rahu-Kethu Poojas. A Large Number of people will perform this Poojas here.

The people who are interested to visit nearby holy places of Tirupati can visit this place. The devotees will really get amazing experience in visiting Lord Shiva temple in Srikalahasti. You can take a cab or bus facility also available from the Tirupati to reach this temple.

The Sripuram Golden temple is one of the finest spiritual places that are located in Vellore, Tamilnadu. The Goddess Lakshmi Devi also was known as the god of wealth is seen here. The statue of the god is completely made of gold and is the name given to the temple as Golden temple. This is one of the famous Spiritual places in Tamilnadu that a lot of tourists will visit the temple every day.

A lot of highly trained artists specially designed this place that every detail is created manually with these artists. The tourists will feel new excitement visiting this place. The temple which is completely made of gold is really an amazing experience for the tourists. There are several ways you can reach the Golden temple. The tourists who visit the holy place will also visit the Golden temple.

There are some tourist’s packages available that you can take them and reach the golden temple. This is the must visit place in everyone life that you will amaze of visiting this holy place. Most of the people believe that Goddess Lakshmi Devi will increase their wealth and happiness. This temple is opened between 4.00 AM – 8.00 PM. Hence golden temple is most interesting and best spiritual place to the devotees.

The Chandragiri Fort is a tourist place that is located near to the holy place Tirupati. You can reach this place within 20 minutes from the Tirupati. This fort is constructed by King Shivappa Nayaka of the Nayaka dynasty. The Chandragiri is a small town that contains a big fort with a brief history. This fort is now turned into a tourist place and a lot of people visit this ancient place with excitement.

This fort is a real example of Indo-Saracen Architecture that the statues and rocks give the best feel to the people. You can reach this place by roadway and can parking facility also available near this fort. You need to take entrance ticket to enter the fort and see the statues and other things in this place. This fort is completely built with the lime mortar, stone, brick and devoid of timber in ancient period. A lot of changes made to this fort in recent times to look attractive for the visitors.

There are some special attractions available for the people like Boating, Trekking, Light show, Rani Mahal and etc. You can visit this place and check all these interesting things here. This will make you feel the real experience of Vijayanagara period.